Go 4 Prompter


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Go 4 Prompter.

Go 4 Prompter provides
comprehensive and professional teleprompter services for corporate, political, concert
and all live events.

With 24 years and over
two thousand live events of experience,
Go 4 Prompter delivers detailed and worry-free prompter services.

Go 4 Prompter travels to any locale throughout the US and the world...
and is local to the South Florida area.

To ensure stable prompter applications,
Telescript Pro software is used which imports just about any file format.
If your client would prefer to use "Notes",
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that option is also available with PowerPoint.
Toggling between both programs
is no problem!

Prompter packages have HDMI, VGA, SDI and composite outputs simultaneously,
and are complete with a laser printer and back-up equipment—

When you need teleprompter,
you know the call -
"Go 4 Prompter"

 For more information and/or availability,
Please call 954-465-8965 or email